International Collective of Music Travellers

Ropeadope / Sam Records / EGEA Music / Believe Digital

produced by
GeGè Telesforo

recorded by
Riccardo Bomarsi @ R&B Studio & GrooveMasterStudio (Sutri)
Leo Sidran @ UML Studio (Brooklyn-NewYork)
Mark Withcomb @ DNA Music Labs (Madison)

mixed by
Daniele Chiariello @ ZORK Studio (Buccino)

mastered by
Andy Jackson @ TUBE Mastering(London)

artwork by
Felice Limosani


There are over 20 of the best musicians and singers of the new generation involved in the creation of a visual record which is difficult to label: you only have to close your eyes in order to see the music and the lyrics come to life. Lyrics which are carefully crafted and which are able to deal with important and universal themes with an incredible lightness. A collective work which brings together different voices allowing them to sing and speak at the same time, as if they were only one voice. It is an admission of the responsibility we all have as human beings, that of leaving an important legacy for future generations. The environment, ethics, responsibilities, a parent’s love for their child, love between two human beings. Above all though, the love of music, which is the element that, above all others, forces us to explore our spirituality and permits us to affirm our identity, whilst remaining respectful and tolerant of others.

parallax background

AINE’ vocals
ALAN HAMPTON vocals / guitar

ALFONSO DEIDDA alto&tenor / sax / flute
MAX IONATA soprano sax

PASQUALE STRIZZI Wurlitzer el.piano / Rhodes Fender / keys/ programming
SEBY BURGIO Wurlitzer el.piano / keys

GEGE’ TELESFORO vocals / drums&percussions / keys / whistle / glockenspiel


In the first song, “The Green Doctor”, the vocalist Joanna Teters sings “Take a Fun Slow Ride” and sets the tone of this record which deals with important topics – such as the legacy we will leave our children – in a light-hearted and pleasant way, using the theme of a leisurely and enjoyable ride that accompanies the listener throughout the album.

FunSlowRide (International Collective of Music Travellers) is a choral work, produced by GeGè Telesforo with the collaboration of Leo Sidran and is the result of two years of intensive work carried out in Brooklyn, Madison, London and the countryside north of Rome. Each of these locations is portrayed in the distinctive sound of this record: there is a sense of calm together with the sounds of nature but it is also possible to hear the noise and creative fervour which is typical of large cities such as London and New York.

In “The Green Doctor” the voice of Joanna Teters introduces and outlines the record’s musical landscape. Joanna ( lead singer of Mad Satta and DrewoftheDrew) is one of the most esteemed contemporary vocalists in New York. Ameen Saleem (member of the Roy Hargrove quintet) adds a textured and powerful touch on the double bass and rhythmically guides the horns’riff, which characterizes the hypnotic progression of this tune, in this hymn to nature and spiritual well-being.

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The partnership with the singer, musician and brilliant songwriter Alan Hampton (Robert Glasper, Meshell Ndegeocello, Gretchen Parlato) has created the magic of “Next”. The lyrics tell of the essence which nourishes love and the flow of life which urges us towards a renewal of this feeling. Alan Hampton joins with Joy Dragland’s voice and in their melding they reproduce the chemical fusion of love. The cello and the piano create a romantic and poetic framework that echoes the voices as they seek and embrace each other.

The extraordinary visual artist Felice Limosani (“Fragments” Art Basel-Miami, “Magnificent” Palazzo Vecchio-Florence; “Resort” Louvre-Paris) enriches the production with his 3D artwork and the original video clip for the single “Next”.

The single that launched the project is a cover of the Bob Marley song “I Shot the Sheriff” with Moses Patrou’s warm and tropical voice together with GeGè Telesforo who launches into a fantastic “ragga-scat”. It is not a simple cover of this song but an original re-arrangement that, whilst respecting the Jamaican artist’s composition, develops a turn-around which effortlessly fuses different styles and rhythms into an irresistible groove.

“Say No” is the result of the partnership with the vocalist Sachal Vasandani (Gerald Clayton, Wynton Marsalis, Jon Hendricks, Gretchen Parlato) and this is one of the record’s most moving pieces. Once again the message is one from parents to their children and deals with the importance of saying no. On certain occasions this can represent an important moment in a child’s development and it can also enable us to regain some dignity with regards to what we wish or do not wish to do as free men and women. The refined and elegant arrangement mirrors Sachal Vasandani’s voice singing straight to the heart.

“Say No outro” is a more intimate and womb-like version of the melody which leads to the birth of this song, with the grace of Giovanna Famulari’s cello and Domenico Sanna’s poetry at the piano.

In the introspective “Who am I” we hear the wonderful voice of Greta Panettieri, who was brought in as co-author of the songs by the FunSlowRide collective and involved in many of the choral tunes. Max Ionata brings his recognizable and personal touch of magic as guest on soprano sax.

A little over a year ago Clark Terry left this world. “The Great CT” is a tribute to the memory of this fantastic musician and performer who taught GeGè Telesforo (Ben Sidran & GoJazz All Stars, Dizzy Gillespie, Clark terry, Jon Hendricks, DeeDee Bridgewater) initially through his records and then in person after their meeting in the 90s in New York. The piece constructed as a duet, bringing to mind the brilliant mumbles with which the great Clark Terry expressed himself vocally, contrasting this with GeGè Telesforo’s personal interpretation of scat, that has made him a master of this style throughout the world.

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“Let the Children” is a song dedicated to children and is full of love and wisdom. It is for this reason that it is entrusted to the original spoken word, written and interpreted by Ben Sidran, who plays the role of the “old sage” and evokes the main themes of “On the Children” one of the poems from “The Prophet” by Khalil Gibran. “Let the Children” is a synthesis of the work that GeGè Telesforo is carrying out with UNICEF and describes a father’s conflicting emotions.

The father eventually realises that the best thing he can do for his children is to allow them experience the world as much as possible, so that they can freely make their own choices without him trying to influence their decisions or attempting to make them resemble anyone else.
The voice of the young talent Ainè adds a touch of soul to the arrangement.
The production is also enhanced by the video clip for “Let the Children” by the young director Simone Calcagni, in collaboration with UNICEF.

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